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Travelcare World offer great exchange rates on over 50 currencies . Reserving currency ensures that you get the rate shown online at the time you reserve as long as you collect on the same day – meaning no surprises or sudden fluctuations when you go to exchange.


If ordering in advance you'll get our Reserve & Collect rate for the day that you collect the currency on.

Use the below form to order your currency online or visit our bureau de change instore.


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  • Euros

  • Turkish Lira

  • US Dollars

  • Swiss Francs

  • Egyptian Pounds

  • Canadian Dollars

  • UAE Dirhams

  • Czech Koruna

  • Australian Dollars

  • Bulgarian Lev

  • Mexican Peso

  • Plus many more exotic currencies


Foriegn Currency we offer

Great Exchange Rates


We offer great exchange rates on a number of foreign currencies. We offer a competitive Euro exchange rate, Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Egyptian Pound, Canadian Dollar, UAE Dirhams, Czech Koruna, Australian Dollars and  Bulgarian Lev.