Buying travel insurance isn’t the most exciting purchase that you will ever make – but it could be the most important one.


Every year, many people who haven’t taken insurance find themselves wishing that they had.


Unplanned events mean that extra expense is incurred and their holiday is spoiled. In most cases this could be avoided simply by buying a suitable travel insurance policy when paying the deposit for their holiday.


The cost of medical treatment abroad, for example, can be extremely high, especially in the US. And although the European Union’s EHIC card entitles you to the same free medical treatment as citizens of the country you are in, it won’t cover you, for example, for an air ambulance flight home.


Travelcare World travel insurance policies have been chosen for the superior cover and quality that they provide and the insurance cover kicks in from the moment you purchase the policy, so if your holiday is cancelled before you travel, you’ll be covered, subject to the policy’s conditions.


Almost every travel insurance policy will have different levels of cover, different exclusions and different terms and conditions, so comparing them can be difficult. When you purchase insurance through Travelcare World, you can be sure that we have carefully vetted it to make sure it’s the best value and has the widest coverage available.



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